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Bamboo Cotton Flat Diaper - 5 or 10 Pack

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Bamboo Cotton Flat Diaper-Bayrli
Bamboo Cotton Flat Diaper - 5 or 10 Pack Sale price€24,95

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rachel Buchanan
Don’t buy if you plan on using more than a few months

I bought these diapers because the reviews looked good and because of the lifetime warranty. I was hoping they would last the test of time. When they arrived they became my favorite, go to flat. My baby is now 1 and they are not usable- they have all shrank at least by half. They are now 26L x 21.5H which is the size of a typical newborn diaper. Before I bought them I looked at the warranty and they did not mention that shrinkage was not covered. When I looked into filing a claim under the warranty a couple of months ago now it says that shrinkage is not covered. I have 20 bamboo cotton flat diapers that I can’t use that I bought because of the new warranty terms. I reached out to customer service and they never wrote me back. I have many other products including their covers and ultimate inserts which I like very much, but this experience has left a terrible taste in my mouth regarding ever buying another product from them again or recommending others to do so. Buyer beware. I thought their lifetime warranty covered my diapers and to find out they changed it so it doesn’t. Not cool.

Linda Hussain
Nice flats

Got some products from here as gifts for my baby shower. Really like these. Wish the terries were as big as these though.

Savannah Jones-Brinley

Great for childminders and creche if a simple pad fold inside of a pocket nappy or cover. Last a long time and are soft and fast drying. Find them fab to use during winter as they’ll dry faster than pocket inserts.


Very absorbent

Lisa H.
Quality nappies

Living in an area not known for many nice dry, sunny days means that our nappies need to be fast drying. I also prefer natural materials and ethically sourced/manufactured nappies. I was not disappointed by Bayrli.
The nappies arrived quickly. I ordered a 10 pack of bamboo and a 10 pack of organic flats along with some outers.
Initial wash of everything just once and tested and to my surprise the flats lasted about 4 hours unboosted in the cover. No leaking, no marks, and one happy baba.
It’s great to feel them get softer after each wash and I’m really astounded at the quality of everything I’ve ordered. Once my son gets a bit bigger I’ll be adding some prefolds to our nappy stash for our pockets.
Super pleased with my purchase and happy to support a great company x