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At Bayrli, we stand by our products. We have a clearly defined research period, clearly defined testing parameters, and each and every product manufactured must adhere to strict guidelines. We firmly believe that our products are the best products in their respective categories. And it is for this reason that we offer a lifetime warranty.

In life you get exactly what you pay for, and when you buy a product from us, you are making an investment that we will honour; an investment that we promise will perform to the standard you expect. When you spend your hard-earned money with us, you do so knowing we appreciate each and every purchase made, and will support you each and every time you need us.


We take our environmental responsibilities seriously.

As proud members of 1% for the Planet and Climate Neutral we consider our impact on our planet with each step we take. And across all regions in which we operate we advocate for further reductions in emissions and greenhouse gases. We support pledges such as the Paris Agreement and the European Green Deal which are all focused on boosting the efficient use of scarce resources by moving to a clean, circular economy.

Additionally, we are determined to avoid sending any of our products to a landfill. Our products are manufactured to last, but they are also manufactured to be repaired, and we will always try and repair a product where and when we can.


Manufacturing defects

Workmanship defects

Failures or breakages that render part or all of your product to become non-functional


Cosmetic blemishes


Stains, fabric repelling, or odors


Normal wear & tear

Leakages due to improper fit

Failures or breakages due to misuse, neglect, or intentional damage

Natural fiber wear over time or due to stripping, vinegar, bleach, hard water, extreme wash temperatures, soaking, and/or fabric softeners/heavily scented detergents

Products we sell but don’t manufacture ourselves

Lost items 


To submit a warranty claim, simply email us to get started at


If any part of your Bayrli product becomes non-functioning or defective and falls under the conditions listed above, we will repair it or endeavour to replace it with a fully-functioning item in the same or better condition.

The Bayrli lifetime warranty does not cover cosmetic wear and tear, scratches, or knicks. If in doubt, just ask us and we will make a determination for you. But if something breaks due to manufacturer defect, a defect in workmanship, or renders your product unusable during normal use, do not worry. We’ve got you.

At Bayrli, we are serious about our commitments to leaving this planet better than we found it. We’re serious about designing and manufacturing products that last, and can be repaired. If and when we can, we will issue warranty replacements from our stock of open-box, refurbished items. We have a carefully controlled hygiene policy, so you need not worry about this. All of our Bayrli warranty replacements are carefully inspected and quality-checked, and are certified to be hygienic and 100% functional. Furthermore, your replacement or repaired product continues the same lifetime warranty as your original purchase.

Our definition of ‘Lifetime’ is the lifetime of the product, from date of sale. Our warranty is non-transferable. Our products are designed to be fully functional for at least 5 years from date of sale. Should an issue arise outside this timeframe, please do get in touch but also note we reserve the right to disregard any claim after this date.

Bayrli products purchased from unauthorised resellers are not covered by our lifetime warranty. Proof of purchase is required with all warranty claims. You must be the original purchaser of our products; second-hand or gifted products do not qualify for a warranty claim. All of the information on the original order must match the person(s) claiming towards our warranty.


At Bayrli we value our reputation of honesty and integrity, so we will carefully review each and every warranty claim we receive. We want to help you. We want you to tell your friends that you trust and love our products. We want our products to be passed on. We design them to last.

When you buy from us, not only do you buy a quality product, you buy an industry leading warranty, and lifetime customer support. Any questions you may have, just let us know. However, as much as we are here for you, we need you to respect the product you have purchased too. Please don’t interpret our warranty as a license to misuse, neglect, modify, or intentionally destroy your Bayrli product. We reserve the right to decline to repair or replace any product that has not been respected. We will not replace stolen or lost items. We also reserve the right to change this policy in the future.


We have designed, tested, and built our products to work incredibly well with standard apparel and accessories, and our products have been proven as very safe to use. However, Bayrli will not be held liable for damage to accessories, clothing or anything in your surrounding environment as a result of using our products, for example as in a washing machine. Bayrli is also not liable for bodily injury to yourself, your baby, or others as a result of using our products.


We have full confidence in our products and do not anticipate you will require a warranty claim, however should you feel the need to submit a claim, please email us to begin your warranty claim. We will request your proof of purchase, and may request photos or videos of the issue to assess your claim. In order to assess the validity of your claim it may be necessary to send your product to us for further inspection. The cost of all postage to us will be borne by you. We will replace or repair your product; however, we reserve the right to decline your request upon inspection. Furthermore we also reserve the right to replace your product with the closest model/line we have in stock. We may ask for the faulty item(s) to be destroyed to protect our brand and/or to protect from fraudulent claims. If we choose to replace for you, we reserve the right to request you pay for return postage at cost for your replacement item(s).

To submit a warranty claim, simply email us to get started at