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Bayrli®The complete guide to using cloth wipes with your baby

The complete guide to using cloth wipes with your baby

When you become a parent and when the costs start adding up beyond anything you expected, there are many decisions to be made. At Bayrli, we love to focus on decisions that will save you time, money, and reduce your environmental impact. 

Washable baby wipes are simply cloths you can use on your baby to clean bottoms, hands or faces, and are the perfect eco-friendly swap for disposable baby wipes. Of course they save you hundreds of dollars over the course of time, but our reusable organic wipes are so versatile and environmentally friendly at the same time!

Organic wipes are also very effective; most of the time you will only need to use one washable baby wipe per diaper change, even those dirtiest, sloppiest soiled diapers! 

What will I need to get started?


Bayrli organic wipes can be used all over the body so you can start with one pack of wipes. Some people prefer to have a set for faces and hands and a set for diaper changes so you may want to consider two packs.


Clean Wipes - you can either keep your cloth wipes dry and wet them as you need them, or you can keep some wet ready for use through the day. This is entirely personal preference, and neither way will change the form or the function of your reusable wipes. You can store your clean wipes in an Everyday wet bag or a small container.

Dirty Wipes - if you are using cloth diapers too you can simply pop your used wipes in your wet bag and take them out on wash day. If you are only using reusable wipes you can wash your hands and face wipes in any normal laundry cycle, but we would advise a separate laundry cycle for any wipes you have used to change a diaper. Or you can choose to wash your organic wipes alongside your cloth diapers.

On the Go - anywhere you go your wipes can go too! You can take your clean wipes out and about with you either wet or dry. It's worth having a spare Travel Cube with you to put your dirty wipes in. If you take them out dry you may want to carry a bottle or spray bottle of water with you. But again, this is entirely personal preference.

Wipes Solution

You have a few options as to what you use on your cloth wipes, and always keep in mind your baby’s skin. We recommend just some water, or for a natural fragrance you can use a homemade chamomile or lemon solution, and many parents tell us coconut oil works a treat too.

Can I use reusable cloth wipes from birth?

Of course you can! Reusable wipes can work as an alternative to disposable wipes, or as an alternative to cotton wool and water as recommended by health care professionals. Modern disposable wipes can actually be harsh on the skin even if they do say they’re dermatologically approved, which is why cotton wool is suggested in the early days and weeks with a newborn. But reusable wipes contain no harsh chemicals, and are perfectly safe from day one.

How many reusable wipes will I need?

With a newborn baby, you can expect to change 10-14 diapers a day. This will obviously reduce over time to 5-7, but you still need to bear this in mind. We recommend that you plan to use 1-2 reusable wipes per change, and to allow for washing time we recommend having around 30-36 wipes in total. 1 cloth wipe is sufficient if your baby pees, and 2 cloth wipes should be all you need if your baby does a poo. The more organic cloth wipes you have the better; and remember, they can be used all around the body and around the house!

Will I save money if I switch to cloth wipes?

There are real money savings to be had if you switch to cloth wipes. 36 Bayrli wipes will cost you about $40. Typically, disposable wipes cost $2 per pack, and a pack will last a week if you’re lucky. Most parents need two packs to clean their baby’s bottom each week. But if you invest in Bayrli cloth wipes, you’ll still have them when your baby is finished diapering and is potty trained, and they’ll look as good as new! And remember, with reusable wipes you will only use 1 or 2 per diaper change instead of 5-7 disposable wipes as our wipes have a natural texture to the fibres, therefore making them far more effective at the job you need them to do.

Should I store my wipes wet or dry?

This is entirely up to you. Many people will store their reusable wipes damp and ready to use, and homemade solutions are a great option for this. Alternatively, you can wet or spray as needed. This is all about personal preference. If you're storing your wipes wet then they can go straight back into your tub.

How long can I store them wet?

If using just water, you should use your wipes each day. With a homemade solution your cloth wipes will stay smelling fresh for 4-5 days!


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