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Bayrli®Why choose Bayrli?

Why choose Bayrli?

The decision to have a baby is the biggest decision you will ever make. And once the initial excitement fades, the realisation of just how expensive your little one will be sets in. But it need not be this way. Better still, you can do this in as sustainable and economic a manner as you wish.

Great for our Planet

In Europe and North America, there are roughly 28 million babies using diapers. Each of these babies who use disposable diapers use on average 70 diapers every week. When you add this up on a yearly basis, that is over 100 billion disposable diapers going to landfill. This is a figure so vast we simply cannot begin to comprehend it. Diapers typically equate to 35% of non-biodegradable waste in landfills.

We live in the midst of a growing global crisis unparalleled in comparison. We must act now to ensure an hospitable planet for our little ones and their children. When you support Bayrli, you are supporting a company who does as they say. We give a minimum of 1% of our revenues to climate causes. Furthermore, we are carbon neutral certified, meaning we offset our entire carbon footprint plus 20%. For us, this is a cost of doing business, and unlike our competitors, every single decision we make has considered our environmental impact.

Great for your Baby

Your baby will wear a diaper for at least two years. When you choose Bayrli, you choose to wrap your baby in cushioned, organic, and natural materials that are naturally anti microbial. When you choose Bayrli, you choose to use a leak-proof and blowout-proof diaper. When you opt to use Bayrli, you choose to use our reusable diapers on your baby’s delicate skin, you choose to stay away from irritating chemicals, plastics, and sodium polyacrylate chemicals, therefore minimising the risk of skin outbreaks such as diaper rash.

Another attractive argument for using our reusable diapers is a very well known fact that babies in reusable diapers potty train faster than those in disposable diapers - up to an entire year faster. Our diapers are carefully designed to function without using an artificial moisture wicking materials, thus your baby will correlate the sensation of needing to go with the feeling of a wet diaper.

Great for your Pocket

When you choose Bayrli, you will need a maximum of 30-36 diapers from birth to potty training. And because we carefully design and manufacture our products, and because we include a lifetime warranty, you can be confident of reusing our products with another baby or pass them onto a family member or friend. Bayrli is built to last.

Our birth to potty diapers are considerably less expensive than using disposable diapers. When you purchase Bayrli, the only recurring cost you will have is laundry. And you get to directly choose how often you do this. It is a conservative estimate that reusable diapers will cost you $500 over 3 years, and disposables will cost over $2500 for the same period. But remember, disposables cannot be passed on unlike our Bayrli range, and disposables come with no warranty.

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