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Bayrli®What is Climate Neutral, and why have we signed up?

Why have we chosen to be entirely carbon neutral?

The world must reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. And we can, if every business acts. But we must act now. For decades, we've known about the threats of climate change. Now we're seeing the effects first-hand. Faced with the greatest environmental crisis ever, we're not doing enough. So what can a small business do?

Bayrli is 100% net-zero carbon emissions. And we have been since Day 1. We see this as an essential cost of doing business. We see this as the right thing to do. And unlike many competitors, we actually do as we say.

Being certified for our environmental commitments gives consumers and businesses a way to choose a net-zero future. When any business undergoes rigorous processes to achieve such certifications, it invests money and time in avoiding, removing, and reducing carbon emissions.

When thousands of companies achieve this certification, they transform energy and industry, launch new technologies, and preserve entire ecosystems. Together, we can accelerate the change we need.

This is why we continue to support robust environmental standards and why we encourage you to ask other businesses that you purchase from to step up and do their part too.

We know that the global threat of climate change is caused in part by making and delivering goods and services. To manufacture and ship a product on a global scale is simply a dirty process, and we must be considerate with how we manufacture, package, transport, and finally deliver our products.

Businesses must be a foundational part of the solution. We can lead the transition to a low-carbon economy by working to reduce our carbon pollution in every possible way and immediately offsetting what we cannot by investing in projects that reduce the world's carbon output.

But we won’t stop at net-zero emissions, because we know that collectively we still have a long way to go to mitigate climate change. That's why we will continue to raise the bar with our commitment to be carbon negative — a first for a diaper company - offsetting more carbon emissions than we generate.

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Bayrli®Partner With Us

Partner With Us

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Bayrli®What is 1% for the Planet, and why have we signed up?

What is 1% for the Planet, and why have we signed up?

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